Learner Driver Information

Learner Driver Information

If you have relocated to SA and hold a Drivers License from another state or Territory in Australia, you must surrender your interstate license and obtain an SA license within 3 months of becoming a resident.

How to get your Learner’s permit

You must be 16yrs or older before you can apply for a learner’s permit.

How to get your P’s (Provisional License)

Two stages have been introduced to the Provisional license (P1 & P2) and a Hazard Perception test must be passed to progress from P1 to P2.

P1 and P2 explained (P’s is a 2 step process)

If you incur between 1 & 3 demerit points (without disqualification) you can progress to P2 after the year provided you successfully complete a Driver Awareness course and pass the Hazard Perception test.

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