Two stages have been introduced to the Provisional license (P1 & P2) and a Hazard Perception test must be passed to progress from P1 to P2.

NB Holders of a Provisional License issued prior to 31 October 2005 retain the existing conditions and will progress to a full license without undertaking the Hazard Perception test (unless disqualified).

You will hold a P! & P2 for 2 yrs or until your 19th birthday, which ever is longer as long as you don’t commit a driving offence incurring a dermit point.

P1 Explained…

You obtain a P1 license by either

1. undertaking a practical driving test conducted by an authorised instructor, or

2. completing a competancy based course with an accredited instructor who will assess your driving ability during a series of practical sessions.

Once you have been granted your P1 license you will be authorized to drive under specified conditions. If you breach these conditions at any stage your P1 license is cancelled and not reissued until the end of your disqualification.

“P’ Plates must be displayed on front and rear at all times (rear only on motorcycle).

P2 Explained…

You will progress to a P2 license after passing the Hazard erception test.You can sit this test after 12months of continuous driving on your P1 without incurring any demerit points. No ”p” plates are required when you hold a P2 license