Learner Driver Information

Drivers licence overview

See an overview of the stages and age limitations on obtaining a drivers license.

Interstate and Overseas License

Find out the requirements for interstate licenses and international licenses. How long have you got before you need to convert your license to SA.

How to get your Learner’s permit


You must be 16yrs or older before you can apply for a learner’s permit. First purchase a Drivers Handbook from any post office, newsagency or Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) Customer Service Centre and read it carefully.

You then need to sit the learner’s written test at any DTEI Customer Service Centre. You can also practice the theory exam that Roadsafe SA has produced by clicking this link RoadSafe Practice Exam (this is just a sample of the full program).

On passing the written test you will receive a Learner’s Permit, at which point you can commence driving a motor vehicle under the supervision of a qualified supervising driver.

A qualified supervising driver must have held a full licence (not subject to conditions) for at least two years and must not have been disqualified in the previous two years.

To prepare yourself for these responsibilities associated with driving a motor vehicle, it is recommended that you seek professional tuition when learning to drive, by choosing an PDTA member. This tuition from a government licensed Motor Driving Instructor should occur together with practice from a Qualified Supervising Driver.

You are required to complete a logbook as your training progresses. The logbook is called “The Driving Companion’ and is available from Customer Service Centres. It needs to be signed by your qualified supervising driver confirming they have supervised your driving for at least 50 hrs under a range of conditions, eg min of 10hrs at night. Once you have completed the 50hrs and held your learners permit for at least 6mths you are then eligible to go for your P1 License.

How to get your P’s (Provisional License)


Two stages have been introduced to the Provisional license (P1 & P2) and a Hazard Perception test must be passed to progress from P1 to P2.

NB Holders of a Provisional License issued prior to 31 October 2005 retain the existing conditions and will progress to a full license without undertaking the Hazard Perception test (unless disqualified).

You will hold a P! & P2 for 2 yrs or until your 19th birthday, which ever is longer as long as you don’t commit a driving offence incurring a dermit point.

P1 Explained…

You obtain a P1 license by either

1. undertaking a practical driving test conducted by an authorised instructor, or

2. completing a competancy based course with an accredited instructor who will assess your driving ability during a series of practical sessions.

Once you have been granted your P1 license you will be authorized to drive under specified conditions. If you breach these conditions at any stage your P1 license is cancelled and not reissued until the end of your disqualification.

“P’ Plates must be displayed on front and rear at all times (rear only on motorcycle).

P2 Explained…

You will progress to a P2 license after passing the Hazard erception test.You can sit this test after 12months of continuous driving on your P1 without incurring any demerit points. No ”p” plates are required when you hold a P2 license

P1 and P2 explained (P’s is a 2 step process)

P2 Explained (contuned)…

If you incur between 1 & 3 demerit points (without disqualification) you can progress to P2 after the year provided you successfully complete a Driver Awareness course and pass the Hazard Perception test. The Driver Awareness course consists of theoretical and practical components spread over a total duration of 8hrs.

Additional penalties have also been introduced if you:

a) commit a single offence that incurs 4 or more demerit points

b) commit 2 or more offences each resulting in 3 or more demerit points being accumulated then, your provisional license will be disqualified and when re-issued you will be prohibited from driving between midnight and 5 am for 12 months.


To progress fm a P1 to a P2 license you must pass the Hazard Perception test. You will undertake this test on acomputer at an authorised customer service centre.

The Hazard Perception test will take you through a series of driving situations to measure your ability to recognise and respond to potentially dangerous situations and react appropriately.


After holding the P1 & P2 license for 2 yrs (with a minimum of 6 mths on P2) and reaching the minimum age of 19 without committing a driving offence – you may apply for a full license.

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