Road Wise – Alcohol

Alcohol is a major factor contributing to road crashes. Even small amounts of alcohol can inhibit your driving performance.

On average :

0.05 blood alcohol concentration doubles your risk of an accident
0.08 blood alcohol concentration increases the risk by 4 times
0.15 blood alcohol concentration increases the risk by 25 times


As a general guide (some people can manage less) :

• Men 2 X standard drinks in first hour and 1 every hour after that
• Women 1 X standard drinks and 1 every hour after that

Please Note: The only thing that reduces your blood alcohol level is TIME! Drinking coffee, eating, sleeping, having a shower do not help reduce it.


Standard Drinks Guide

Road Wise – Fatigue

Driver fatigue, or tiredness, contributes to many hundreds of deaths and injuries on the road every year. It has a role in up to 30% of all fatal crashes and up to 15% of serious injuries needing to go to hospital.

Driver fatigue can be just as deadly as drink driving or excessive speeding.

The problem with fatigue is that it slowly develops and drivers often don’t realise they’re too tired to drive safely. Be aware of the warning signs and take a break before it’s too late!

WARNING SIGNS TO TAKE A BREAKA combination of any of the following is a sign you are becoming fatigue:

• You keep yawning
• You have difficulty keeping your head up + eyes open
• Your eyes feel soree or heavy
• Your vision starts to blur or dim
• You start ‘seeing things’
• You find you’re daydreaming
• You feel hungry or thirsty
• You become impatient & make rash decisions
• Your hands feel sweaty
• Your reaction seems slow
• You feel stiff or cramped
• Your driving speed creeps up or down
• You wander over centre line
• You gearing a droning or humming
• You don’t remember driving last few kM
• You don’t notice a vehicle until it suddenly over takes


• Plan your trip with a good night rest
• Plan not to travel more than 8-10hrs in one day
• Take regular breaks (15mins every 2hrs)
• Start your trip early in morning + not to drive into night
• Share driving
• When you stop get out of car + walk around
• Don’t drink alcohol
• Eat proper well-balanced meals

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