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Since 1997, throughout South Australia, the PDTASA has earned a reputation for responsible and caring driving instruction. Our professional and friendly local driving instructors, create an environment where you’ll enjoy a relaxed, positive encouragement as you start your driving lessons and learn to drive.
  • PDTASA Driving Instructors are located around South Australia

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PDTASA Driving Instructors are fully qualified driving instructors.

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All our Instructors are Licensed, mentally and physically fit and are fully qualified and correctly insured.


Our members offer a vast range of vehicle types and class formats to suit your needs and interests.


Delivering correctly structured quality tuition leading to value for money.


We have a range of instructors with experience and vehicles suitable for training those with disabilities or physical impairments.


Our members are located around South Australia.  Find one near you.


We have both Male and Female driving instructors for you to choose from.

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Latest News & Events

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Requirement

The latest direction from the State Disaster Coordinator did not effect driver training however, in accordance with previous directions you must keep records of attendance at public activities. Copies of the templates if you don’t already have them are available from the links below.

COVID Update- Stay At Home Lifted – Testing Begins Again

Dear Driver Training Industry Member The Premier has just announced changes to the Direction made under the Emergency Management Act 2004 by the State Coordinator on 19 November 2020. The stay at home Direction commenced  at 12:01 am on Thursday 19 November and was to end at 12:01 am on Wednesday 25 November 2020. The […]

COVID Update from Department for Infrastructure and Transport

Greetings All,   As you would be reading in the paper and on the Covid SA webpage there is a Parafield cluster Covid 19 health alert. Anyone who visited the locations listed on the contract tracing webpage during the listed times must self-quarantine immediately for 14 days and seek testing. If you or a client is impacted by the requirement to self-quarantine […]

Road Wise – Alcohol

Alcohol is a major factor contributing to road crashes. Even small amounts of alcohol can inhibit your driving performance. On average : 0.05 blood alcohol concentration doubles your risk of an accident 0.08 blood alcohol concentration increases the risk by 4 times 0.15 blood alcohol concentration increases the risk by 25 times ARE YOU UNDER [...]

Road Wise – Fatigue

Driver fatigue, or tiredness, contributes to many hundreds of deaths and injuries on the road every year. It has a role in up to 30% of all fatal crashes and up to 15% of serious injuries needing to go to hospital. Driver fatigue can be just as deadly as drink driving or excessive speeding. The [...]

Learner Driver Information

If you have relocated to SA and hold a Drivers License from another state or Territory in Australia, you must surrender your interstate license and obtain an SA license within 3 months of becoming a resident.

Drivers licence overview

See an overview of the stages and age limitations on obtaining a drivers license.

How to get your Learner’s permit

You must be 16yrs or older before you can apply for a learner’s permit.

How to get your P’s (Provisional License)

Two stages have been introduced to the Provisional license (P1 & P2) and a Hazard Perception test must be passed to progress from P1 to P2.

P1 and P2 explained (P’s is a 2 step process)

If you incur between 1 & 3 demerit points (without disqualification) you can progress to P2 after the year provided you successfully complete a Driver Awareness course and pass the Hazard Perception test.

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